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It is because of his kind and generous view of creativity and how to live in an ever changing world.

Here is what I mean – a brief snippet from his recent blog.

(Seth’s Blog, October 17, 2021)

Here is what Seth says about effort.

“And then, perhaps, there’s a third option.

Expending more effort than most people think is sufficient.

This is attention to detail. Care in design. Follow through in customer service. This is an embrace of elegance and wabisabi and the opposite of laziness. This is bringing care (which is rare and precious) to work even if most people would look for a shortcut instead.

More effort creates beauty and magic and remarkability.

Perfectionism is a false hope and a place to hide. 

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Effort, on the other hand, is our best chance to do work that matters.”

So eloquent, I think.

I love reading his daily blog. It is such a refreshing contrast to the hype and bluster coming at us every day.

Thank you Seth.

Until Next time.


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