Hi everyone

Is your life going by too fast and your time slipping away? Do you feel that you are not getting as much done as you planned? Friends or people you read about seem to be accomplishing so much more. And maybe this is starting to eat away at you.

Has your confidence taken a hit with this realization? Maybe it has become more difficult to be hopeful and optimistic about your future and about the future of the world? It doesn’t help that there seems to be so much negativity around us, in the news, from our political and community leaders and on social media.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You can limit your exposure to traditional and social media and be more selective about what information you let into your brain. You do not have to buy into the fear, negativity and outrage that much of today’s media use to sell you on their services.

You can repair and restore your confidence, hope and optimism, about yourself and the world.

This is what I focus on in my writing.

I like to read and write about people who lift others up. People who give power and light to others. People who help us all soar.

I write about people who get things done. After watching a TED Talk by John Wood a few years ago, I came upon an expression he uses – GSD or Getting Shit Done. I love that expression and the philosophy and confidence behind it. I love too that he leads by example and shows us how he gets shit done in very impressive and inspiring ways.

I write about some of his accomplishments on my website and blog (that I hope you are reading right now). I write about people that work hard to create a better life for themselves and the world.  I like to write about people that are authentic and creative and people that promote fairness and equality all across the world. I also have a fondness for entrepreneurs and their stories.

I hope my writing, will help spread some warmth and light to you and the people you care about. If you like what you read, I hope you will share. We can all use more hope and optimism in our lives. In today’s world, we desperately need more kindness and fairness. With warm hearts,  we can all continue to soar.

As Bill Moyers once said: Caring is good medicine. For ourselves, our loved ones and the big wide world.

Until next time.