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Avid readers of this blog and website will know that I am a big fan of and regular donor to Room to Read.

I have written quite a bit about the huge accomplishments of co-founders, Erin Ganju, John Wood and Dinesh Shrestha. And there will be more to come in future posts.

I received a recent email from Erin Ganju. Her email was warm and touching. I liked that.

Here is a short excerpt from Erin’s email.

It is your compassion that has helped empower millions of children to re-write their story; through life skills lessons Tamanna in India gained the confidence to insist that she be able to continue her education when her parents wanted to marry her off at the age of 16. In Vietnam, you inspired Nhut to read to his little brother, Tu, seeding his foundation for a lifetime of learning 

Little by little, line by line, we wrote Room to Read’s story together. It is a tale that began with books delivered on the back of a yak and has grown to benefit over 23 million children so far. Where we go from here depends on you.  

I invite you to consider investing in the future of children’s education by including Room to Read in your legacy giving plans. Writing Room to Read into your will is one of the simplest and most impactful ways to protect every child’s right to learn. 

I liked how Erin included short poignant stories of how children, families and communities can be helped in powerful ways.

Plans for My Legacy

My wife and I have been researching the charities we want to leave money to in our wills. We have a strong interest in education for children, all across the world. We already donate monthly to Room to Read and it is on our short list for our wills.

We have also been reading up on the best ways to leave money to family as well as the causes we care about.

Many people worry that there may not be enough money to go around. This concern prompts them to leave all of their assets to their children and loved ones. This makes sense , of course.

After a little more reading, however, we realized that there are estate taxes to be considered. Some of the money left in our wills may go to the government, whether we want that to happen or not.

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When you choose to leave money to charities, often that money can help reduce your estate taxes. In this way, money donated to charities in your will can go where you want it to. We like to have as much control as we can over our current lives and our legacies.

An easy way to start

It can be overwhelming to figure out all of these details.

That is why many charities will help you figure it all out. In Erin’s email above, she included a link which can help you breakdown your decisions into bite-size pieces. Of course, your lawyer or financial advisor would be happy to do that too.

One simple strategy that I like is to think about donating a small percentage of your estate to start with. You don’t have to figure out how much your estate is worth or calculate how much to give each important person in your life.

You can start by leaving a small percentage, say 1 or 5 percent of your estate, to a charity you admire. A simple note to your lawyer or an addition to your will can make this happen.

Now you have a start. And this can be changed or added to at any time.

Most charities would appreciate hearing about your gift to them. But, this does not have to be your first step. You can do this whenever you wish or you can keep it as your secret. Either way it will be a big step and will warm your heart.

And now you have become part of the solution. Small donations can help in big ways.

Until next time, let our warm hearts soar!


And thank you for caring that little bit extra – it really makes a big difference.

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“Education is the only thing that cannot be taken away. It is the key to fulfilling my dreams.”
Girls’ Education Program Participant

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