There are lots of ways and it is really easy and fun to get started.

And for any one in their mid or later years, it can make you feel young again.

You can feel young again by stimulating your mind and your heart. You can feel young again by feeling useful, productive and maybe even powerful in your own way.

If you want to feel like a really young person, go to This energetic organization describes themselves as A youth-led movement for good.

DoSomething is full of stories about young people wanting to improve the world and backing up their desire with action. The website is full of simple inspiring tips on how to make a difference. You can read and learn or sign up and join their movement.

Here are some examples from

Important contributions can be as simple as picking up cigarette buts – 3.7 million collected so far.

Or how to take steps to tackle big issues like racism and hunger.

Or one of my favourites is 8 ways to show up for your loved ones and community on Valentine’s Day.

But, even before you jump into the deep end, there is a simple first step you can take.


There is a lot of good information out there that is interesting, moving and easy to find. Books, blogs, websites and videos by the millions. And your friend Google can show you where they are.

Almost every charity, organization, service club or movement has information about who they are on their website. Most also have resource links (on their website) to allow you to learn more. And those links will have more links. You can dive as deep into this material as you want.

The idea is not to push yourself. You don’t have to study this material and bring back the horrors of final exams. In fact, this will sap your interest and motivation and make you want to give up.

And when something moves you, make some simple notes so you can find your way back. You could list a few pros and cons, give the material a thumbs up or down or use a star rating like the film critics do. You could even get a small notebook you like as a little reward.

This way you will feel like you are making a little progress, instead of feeling bogged down and overwhelmed by too much to learn.

Because the goal at this stage is to use your curiosity to make a short list of the general topics that have made you feel like you want to Do Something. You are not ready to DO yet, you are still learning and getting ready. If you are lucky, this learning will become a lifelong source of energy and inspiration.

JUST BE MORE CURIOUS, follow your heart and let yourself be entertained.

Let me help you get started – with youtube of all places. Yes, youtube is overloaded with filler and overhyped promos wanting to sell you stuff you will never need.

But, it also has a lot of meaningful content.

A video by Michelle Obama’s new venture is an excellent and very moving example.

It is called Girl Talk: Knowledge is Your Superpower. It features Michelle Obama, The Girls Opportunity Alliance, Julia Roberts, Alicia Keys, and Millie Bobby Brown.

Sit back and let it all sink in. It is just that simple.

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I hope this has kickstarted your curiosity and maybe got your heart beating a little faster. It really is exciting to learn about the amazing things that people are doing everyday to help all of us.

Keep wandering.

Until next time.



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“Education is the only thing that cannot be taken away. It is the key to fulfilling my dreams.”
Girls’ Education Program Participant

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