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I just went to see the movie Air, starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. I loved it.

It is a story of how Nike was able to grow their basketball division by signing Michael Jordan and creating the Air Jordan shoe. But more than that, it is an inside look at the early days of Nike and what made them such a great company.

This movie also highlights some of Nike’s early business and marketing principles. These principles seem to champion doers over pretenders and results over bureaucracy. This philosophy really hit home with me.

Check out this list from Nike and see if it would fit your business or even your basic philosophy of life.


Is the movie AIR based on real life events?

A journalist from the Business Insider, Matthew Kish, got the inside story. And asked, “Did the movie AIR get it right?”

Kish got his answer after being invited to join a group of Nike veteran’s for a private screening of the film and a sprawling discussion afterwards.

“Attendees, for the most part, recommended the nearly two-hour movie, calling it a fun and uplifting underdog tale stuffed with Nike and sneaker nostalgia and fantastic music. They said it captures the zany, irreverent, underdog, hyper-competitive, risk-taking spirit of the company’s early years.”

Kish also asked the veteran’s about the famed Nike principles. The veterans said that the principles didn’t exist in poster form on the office walls, as was shown in the movie. But they did agree that the 1977 Nike list of principles, written by Nike executive Rob Strasser, was a bedrock corporate document.


This principle is one of my favourites, from Nike’s list. And it fits with a general philosophy of life, and retirement, that I believe in.

There are lots of ways in business and in our personal lives that we can give energy to others. We can lead by example, with courage and determination. We can recognize others’ achievements and spread the word. We can be a good team leader and help each team member achieve the results we all seek.

When we give energy to others, we can lift them up. In this way we all benefit. We can all fly. When we watch Michael Jordan fly through the air, we are all given a boost of energy and inspiration.

Michael Jordan was known as the type of athlete who could get the job done. He looked forward to every opportunity, even under extreme pressure, to make the clutch shot. He wanted it for himself and for his team. And we loved him for that.


That is what this movie meant to me.

As faithful readers will know, this is also what the philosophy of life known as GSD (Getting Shit Done) is all about. You will also know that I am a big fan of GSD.

Here is a link to one of my previous posts, for those of you that never tire of the GSD gospel.

John Wood said it very well in his TedTalk.

I think John’s philosophy would have fit in very well at Nike.

Let’s hear it for the Doers.

Until next time, let our warm hearts soar!


And thank you for caring that little bit extra – it really makes a big difference.

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