Being a male, I am no expert on femininity.

But I thought I would share some insights from a few impressive women.

According to Neha Prakash, Marie Claire’s Senior News and Culture Editor, femininity isn’t a bad word—it’s just a misunderstood one – ever-evolving, nuanced, and individualized.

In a recent issue of Marie Claire, Ms. Prakash profiled a more wholistic view of how real women interpreted the concept, giving them the chance to redefine it in their own terms.  (I came across this article from a blog I follow, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.)

Here are a few examples I liked.

Femininity is authentically growing into power, voice, and strength.

AMANDA GORMAN Poet, Authour, Featured Speaker at Presidential Inauguration

“Femininity is defined by who you are and what you want out of life, rather than what society expects.”

LILLY SINGHComedian, Actress, Talk Show Host

“In countries around the world, I’ve met incredible women and girls; because of them, I see femininity as strength and courage. It’s women protesting for their rights in Afghanistan and against war in Russia. It’s every girl who fights through conflict, poverty, and social norms to go to school and achieve her dreams.”

MALALA YOUSAFZAI – Nobel Prize Winner

Thank you to  Neha Prakash and Marie Claire for your inspiring original article. This kind of inspiration will let us all fly.

Until next time, let our warm hearts soar!



And thank you for caring that little bit extra – it really makes a big difference.

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